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Professional Single Head Stethoscope - Black - Free Shipping

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How much do you love to auscultate?

Well you can auscultate like the wind with this professional single head stethoscope. 

Very cool all black design. 

Item: Professional Single Head Stethoscope

  • Portable Convenience of Single-Sided Chestpiece
  • A Tunable Diaphragm Conveniently Alternates Between the Low- and High-Frequency Sounds without Turning Over the Chestpiece

  • Comfortably Angled, Anatomically Correct Headset


  • Patient-Friendly, Non-chill Rim and Diaphragm 

  • High-Performance Single-Lumen Tubing for Excellent Acoustic Performance.


Product function:

Used to auscultate human heart, lungs, pulse and organs. 

Cardiovascular, can be used to listen to the heart rate, heart sounds, vascular murmur, etc.

Respiratory system, can be used to listen to lung breathing sounds, criterion in lung lesions.

Blood pressure used to amplify pulse sound. 


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